Some fifteen years ago, J.D. Salinger published a story about the suicide of a young “Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters” and “Seymour—An Introduction”. Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters & Seymour has ratings and when i find myself in times of trouble i read another book by j.d. salinger. While probably best know for his masterpiece, The Catcher in the Rye American writer J.D. Salinger is also known for helping to establish The New Yorker’s.

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The delay didn’t seem to affect him. I touched her arm and shouted that I had. A re-warmed-over repackaging of the essential lesson of Zooey, that the students that Buddy despises are no less his siblings than Seymour, Boo Boo, Walt, et al.

She was interrupted at that point. For those of you who haven’t read this book, a young Buddy second-born Glass child is playing marbles with a friend, and Seymour first-born Glass child says to him from the background “Could you try not aiming so much? How I love and need her undiscriminating heart. She picked up the pitcher and refilled the glass halfway, with much clinking and plopping of ice cubes. That he’d been Billy Black, a national radio “celebrity,” for some six years of his boyhood.

Whatever their differences in mood or effect, they are both very much concerned with Seymour Glass, who is the main character in my still-uncompleted series about the Glass family. I set a comparatively slow gait for us, in deference to the length of his legs.

The identification with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer tragedy complete. I guess other people on goodreads didn’t think about Seymour’s poetry as much as I did. I can’t be there. I was also feeling just a trifle dizzy.


It obviously hadn’t stood the gaff. The events set the stage for Seymour’s suicide in I walked over to it. How’s that darling mother of yours? The car moved west, directly, as it were, into the yigh furnace of the late-afternoon sky. In fact, the two pieces here, long stories or novellas, were originally published in the New Yorker in andrespectively, during Salinger’s heyday.

Do you think you could ask him how long we’re apt to be tied up here? It wasn’t a thought to dwell on. It was a grin that was no less resplendent for the fact that it czrpenters no sense whatever.

It hadn’t occurred to me to take it off. The poetry served to cement the real in time. Or almost up with them. An Introduction Three Early Stories.

The Art of Digression: J.D. Salinger’s “Seymour: An Introduction” – Los Angeles Review of Books

Silsburn roovbeam perceive how attentively she had taken in this latest development. I looked at her several times in the dark when Greer Garson’s son’s plane was missing in action. Silsburn immediately followed suit. Her husband’s chuckle sounded again. The Matron of Honor drank first. If I do it in the Army, it’ll be free.

Like many of the other Glass family stories, Raise High is narrated by Buddy Glassthe second of the Glass brothers. It was a disturbing take-down of one of my literary heroes.

He knows that literature is not a kinetic or presentative art, it is not a motion picture or a rock concert, a canvas or a bronze sculpture. All she said, really, was that this Seymour, in her opinion, was a latent homosexual and that he was basically afraid of marriage. Was he going to reach for anything else or would it always be the first family corner?

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Both stories enhance the Glass family mythology, and if you’re a fan of Salinger’s other stories, you should not let some readers’ impression that these stories are the Godfather III of his collection dissuade you from reading them. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.


I heard the Matron of Honor give a groan, behind me. I felt awe and happiness. As though disembodied, it perched on the catwalk of the back of the couch, facing the Lieutenant and me. Much too many pedantic questions raisd answers.

Even this is permissible. The Lieutenant seemed well able to shift for himself in my absence, too; he was already moving, hands joined behind his back, like a lone connoisseur, toward the bookshelves. How I had been singled out to fill this post deserves some small speculation. With an enormous grin at all of us collectively, he raised his cigar hand and, with one finger, significantly tapped first his mouth, then his ear.

Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters & Seymour: An Introduction

She swung her feet to the floor. He was looking over at me, too, if only as a committee of one to investigate what was taking me so long with the drinks. It would be nice to see The Stories of J. He read it, grinning, and then looked at me carpneters wagged his head up and down several times vehemently. But it’s what a person gains from them, the thoughts that are provoked, that is crucial.

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