Download Citation on ResearchGate | ETHICAL AND POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY IN THE IBALON EPIC | Epic is ordinarily thought as a literary genre that extols. “Ibalon is one of the only two epics that come from Christian Filipinos (the other one being the “Biag ni Lam-ang). The rest come from the non-Christian groups. Read the following: The Three Heroes of Ibalon The epic tells the story of three Bicol heroes. Baltog, a mighty warrior of Batavara, came by chance upon the lush .

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The Ibalong portrays deeds in heroic proportions, centering on white men or tawong-lipod who were warrior-heroes named, among others, BaltogHandyongand Bantong.

In Bato, a big mountain sank, and, in its place, up came a lake which supplied fish to all of Ibalon. Ibalob Descriptions – Adventist University of the Philippines. The native of Dinahon worked on the jar, claypot, stove, earthen bowl, and other ibalom utensils. Siya’y nanggaling pa sa lupain ng Batawara.

Josephine Acosta Pasricha Indologist. The rest come from the non-Christian groups.

Everything about the Philippines. They went after evildoers, usually to those with hidden guilt, who could not be brought to justice.

Ibalon (English version of epic from Bicol) A long, long time ago

What I picked up from this epic are some of the prominent characteristics of a bayani: Through his good example, his people became inspired and came up with their own inventions. Forthwith Kadunung described the ancient land and spoke of its first hero, Baltoga White Aryanwho had come from Boltavara Bharata-varsha or India.


Bantong was a brave and cunning young warrior who single-handedly killed the half-man and half-wild beast Rabot, although Handyong had given him 1, warriors to help him do it. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their eic. The epic-fragment contains many of the supernatural faith and religion that the ancient Bikols had. Bantong slew the monster using his bolo. Ang mga tao ay umunlad. The epic is said to have been narrated in verse form by a native poet called Kadunung.

However, this did not hinder the growth of the community because the classes respected each other. It is unlikely iblaon the ancient Bikolanos had ibakon idols.

Ibalon (Bicolano Epic) by Menchie zaldivar on Prezi

Handiong and his men did not stop until they vanquished every Tiburon. Ang mga piling tauhan ni Handiong ay tumulong sa kanyang pamamahala at pagtuturo sa mga tao ng maraming bagay.

Under his leadership and his laws, slaves and masters were treated equally. But she was seductive as well as deceitful. I heard so much about Kabikulan and it would be good if I could find a place there where my people and I could live peacefully.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Menu Skip to content. Ito ay si Oriol. There is no definite date that can be given to where the epic-fragment starts and ends, however, what little is known about the legendary beginnings of Bikol might describe ibaalon area circa 4, years ago.

Ibalong Epic

The Sarimao were avenging monsters that were brutally fierce, ugly, and ruinous. Diumano, masama man si Rabut, dapat ay binigyan ng pagkakataong magtanggol sa sarili nito. The old folks claim that the two islands with a slender strip of water between Samar and Sorsogon were the spirit of Mt. Many accomplishments and advances made by the ancient Bikols were credited ibalob various characters mentioned in the epic.


So, Bantong, the third hero was called.

They even drove away the giant and very fierce Sarimao which had very sharp fingernails. In one of the areas of Ibalong called Ligmanan, Handyong built a town. Being one with the public in the process of serving one another is a distinctive act of a modern-day bayani.

This is the story he tells: You need to find a place where our people can live peacefully and contentedly. It is about three bayanis who fought several monsters to help and save their people which ended by them defeating these monsters and reclaiming fpic land. With sweet words she would entice Handiong, who would search the forests for her. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Mayaman ang lupain ng Ibalon at doon na siya nanirahan. Footer main menu About KapitBisig.

If you want that father, yes I will do it for you and for our people. Si Ginantong ay gumawa ng kauna-unahang bangka, ng ubalon, itak at iba pang kasangkapan sa bahay. The volcanoes of Hantik, Kulasi and Isarog erupted. Also called buayaHandyong defeated the giant crocodiles in combat.