Se ubica en el vientre del músculo esquelético paralelo a las fibras musculares. Están dispuestos paralelamente a las fibras extrafusales. Sus componentes funcionales son: fibras intrafusales, terminales sensoriales y. Motoneuronas γ N fusimotoras del SNC inervan las fibras Intrafusales y from FIS Las fibras extrafusales mantiene cierta tensión en reposo: tono muscular En. Meaning of extrafusal medical term. Each muscle spindle is built around small intrafusal muscle fibres attached to the sheaths of the surrounding extrafusal fibras musculares extrafusal e fibrocitos ocasionais no sitio de inoculacao.

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Extrafusal muscle fibers are the skeletal standard muscle fibers that are innervated by alpha motor neurons and generate tension by contracting, thereby allowing for skeletal movement. Ibtrafusales make up the large mass of skeletal muscle tissue and are attached to bone by fibrous tissue extensions tendons.


Each alpha motor neuron and the extrafusal muscle fibers innervated by it make up a motor unit.

receptores musculares by Laura Alejandra Jerez on Prezi

Extrafusal muscle fibers are not to be confused with intrafusal muscle fiberswhich are innervated by sensory nerve endings in central noncontractile parts and by gamma motor neurons in contractile ends and thus serve as a sensory proprioceptor. Extrafusal muscle fibers can be generated in vitro in a dish from pluripotent stem cells through directed differentiation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Calmodulin Vascular smooth muscle.

Sarcospan Laminin, alpha 2.

Epimysium Fascicle Perimysium Endomysium Connective tissue in skeletal muscle. Neuromuscular junction Motor unit Muscle spindle Excitation—contraction coupling Sliding filament mechanism.

Extrafusal muscle fiber

Myocardium Intercalated disc Nebulette. Desmin Sarcoplasm Sarcolemma T-tubule Sarcoplasmic reticulum. Myotilin Telethonin Dysferlin Fukutin Fukutin-related protein.

Fusiform Pennate muscle Unipennate Bipennate. Anatomical terms of muscle Origin Insertion List of muscles of the human body Composite muscle.


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