We are are resource to assist Navy Sailors in writing FITREPs, EVALs, CHIEFEVALs, awards, and Officer FITREP Examples British Navy FITREP Examples. the Navy Chief’s Mess and accepted across the Fleet. ▫ Commanding Officers evaluate Chiefs using an E-7 to O-6 Fitrep which does not reflect. My Intent of this website is to be a one stop shop for all Navy Evaluations and Awards. I have tried to compile the best Navy Evaluations, Navy FITREPS and.

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While the introduction provides information on the subject’s personality and character, most of the Comments on Figrep block is reserved for recording the subject’s accomplishments during the reporting period.

Inspirational Counselor who actively mentors and teaches sailors. Additionally, as a duty section leader, he supervises more than Sailors, providing guidance, training and leadership to ensure outstanding results within his watch section. Turned failing department into an operationally competent, technically responsive combat team!

Designed and built technically and tactically challenging CSTT scenarios using real-world intel cueing. Hand picked to fill role as Detachment Senior Enlisted Leader!

Displaying the utmost dedication, he takes the time to ftrep and develop Sailors in his large Department. Empowers subordinates to succeed in all circumstances. As Departmental Career Counselor, responsible for 12 CDB s, 1 re-enlistments, 1 advancement and 16 college classes completed across 28 Sailors. BMCM Smith is a superior leader and mentor! He possesses outstanding military knowledge, superb motivation, professional acumen and is ready to accept greater responsibilities now!

Superbly coordinated with local and state officials, resulting in a fabulous experience for all involved. And those fktrep qualities are equally as important as a person’s technical skills.

Morale, esprit de corps, pride, and most importantly, operational successes are a result of this leader. Managed the execution of over mishap-free refueling evolutions and the safe transfer of more thangallons of aviation fuel in support of WASP’s Southern Partnership Station surge deployment. Quickly established a culture of excellence amongst shipboard maintainers, repairing equipment that in some cases had not been operational for three years.

  ASTM D3261 PDF

Expertly managed 13 highly skilled Sailors in the complex operation of a 2. His enterprising approach ensures well-informed decision making at the school house during special and critical labs and day to day events throughout the command. Additionally, he managed six mishap-free anchoring evolutions, multiple small boat operations, and six Underway Replenishments, receiving over 1 million gallons of fuel and 40 pallets of stores.

Exceptional manager with unparalleled professional knowledge. Actively involved from day one. Master Chief Harding is a superb leader who fosters a healthy, positive work environment, maximizing the professional development of the Sailors assigned. Responsible for an unprecedented 16 advancements and 9 Petty Officers making the decision to stay Navy.

Navy Writer

Wow factor can’t be understated here! He has motivated junior Sailors through 9 ceremonies as President of the Diversity Committee. Knowledgeable, resourceful, and extremely versatile, performing as an experienced Master Chief.

As pier safety he led 12 Sailors in 4 mishap free ship movements in direct support of ships operating within the Mid Atlantic area for operations.

His control and coordination of iftrep movements using both air and surface assets was unsurpassed. Masterfully built from scratch Department’s new QA program. He fiitrep to actively instill pride, professionalism and responsibility by molding sailors into the next generation of leaders. As you advance in rank, the importance of your annual evaluation only increases and it’s vitally important that it be completed accurately. Additionally, he is responsible for the curriculum, and testing for 4 other RIB training sites.

Epitomizes our Navy Core Values. Senior Chief Kurek is an uncompromising and dedicated Quartermaster with an enormous amount of potential. Flawlessly managed 18 workcenters through arduous Assessment Training Cycle with consistent high results.


When you realize that the success of the Navy mission depends on putting fitrsp right people in the right job, you cp grasp the importance of the annual evaluation. Continues to revitalize programs to increase material and operational readiness, enhancing warfighting prowess. Unwaivering discipline and dedication! He takes the time to work with sailors, encouraging problem solving and perseverance. Passed PFA Cycle Master Chief Gardner has the presence, knowledge, and commitment to serve at the command level.

Navy FITREP, CHIEFEVAL and Evaluation Writing Bullets

Listing noteworthy accomplishments does provide some insight into a manager’s abilities but it doesn’t provide the whole picture. Known as ship’s historian for outstanding written and spoken pieces on such topics as Naval Birthday and Bicentennial Celebration of the War of BMC Vines is an advocate of tradition, loyalty, and strong naval service. His direct titrep and guidance was critical to the overall personal and professional development of those in his charge. PRT not conducted due to operational commitment.

He is without peer in ability to motivate Sailors with captivating instructional techniques. Vpo below my Chief Engineer only due to level of responsibility. Single handedly acquired the knowledge to revive five programs to include Fittrep, Tag-Out, 3M Maintenance, Tool Issue and Electrical Safety that have been abandoned by rewriting and tailoring them to meet standards which is vital and essential for NWS Earle mission.

Volunteered over hours to Habitat for Humanity, 2 Soup Kitchens and multiple command sponsored community outreach programs.