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Capitanes intrépidos | Puvill Libros, S.A.

His reputation was first made with Barrack Room Balladsand in “Recessional” he captured a side of Queen Victoria’s final jubilee that no one else dared to address.

Some of his best are stories of the supernatural, the eerie and unearthly, such as “The Phantom Rickshaw,” “The Brushwood Boy,” and “They.

Short stories form the greater portion of Kipling’s work and are of several distinct types. He spent an unhappy period of exile from his parents and the Indian heat with a harsh aunt in England, followed by the public schooling that inspired his “Stalky” stories.


He won not only on the basis of his short stories, which more closely mirror the ambiguities of the declining Edwardian world than has nitrepidos been recognized, but also on the basis of his tremendous ability as a popular poet.

Kipling wrote equally well for children and adults. The Anglo-Indian Tales, of social life in Simla, make up the larger capitanrs of his first four books. Nevertheless, Kipling has left a vivid panorama of the India of his day. He became dissatisfied with life in America, however, and moved back to England, returning to America only when his daughter died of pneumonia.

He returned to India at 18 to work on the staff of the Lahore Civil and Military Gazette and rapidly became a prolific writer. His short stories, although their understanding of the Indian is often moving, became minor hymns to the glory of Queen Victoria’s empire and the civil servants and soldiers who staffed her outposts.

Capitanes intrepidos Joseph Rudyard Kipling Vista previa restringida – The “Soldiers Three” group deals with Kipling’s three musketeers: His mildly satirical work won him a reputation in England, and he returned there in In the early s, Kipling met and married Caroline Balestier and moved with her to her family’s estate in Brattleboro, Vermont.


Shortly after, his first novel, The Light That Failed was published, but it was not altogether successful. Kim, an Irish boy in India who becomes the companion of a Tibetan lama, at length joins the British Secret Service, without, says Wilson, any sense of the betrayal of his friend this actually meant.

Kipling, who as a novelist dramatized the ambivalence of the British colonial experience, was born of English parents in Bombay and as a ijtrepidos knew Hindustani better than English.

Kipling is England’s first Nobel Prize winner in literature and the only nineteenth-century English poet to win the Prize. Kipling never again returned to the United States, despite his great popularity there.