Your positive review means a lot to us. Kindly Rate our app. In Jainism Bhaktamar stotra is Extraordinary and most power Mantra that every Jain apply in his life. Bhaktamar Stotra is one of the famous Jain sanskrit prayers. It is said to be composed by Manatunga. The name Bhaktamara comes from a combination of two. Product description. Bhaktamara Stotra is the most famous of the Jain prayers. It was composed by Acharya Manatunga. Bhaktamar stotra is gem of devotional.

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Your devotee are not frightened of snakes. Jyanam yatha tvayi vibhati kritavakasham naivam tatha Hari Haradishu nayakeshu.

Bhaktamara Stotra – Wikipedia

It is believed that such an equal division into short and long syllables will help an aspirant attain the state of equanimity quickly, the meter itself serving as a catalyst mantra. Ethics Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana. The complete panegyric is formed by 26 88 letters.

Every stanza has four parts. However Manatunga probably lived a few centuries before Raja Bhoja of Dhara.

Bhaktamara Stotra

The sun suffers eclipse, is obstructed by the clouds, but you are no such sun. O Lord supreme of the three worlds! Infinite stars and planets can be seen in all directions but the sun rises only in the East.

On Thee a person focuses attention Excludes everything else to mention After taste of nectar from milky ocean Who will have saline water notion. Uchchairashokatarusamshrita munmayukham abhati rupamamalam bhavato nitantam.


Vibhrajate tava mukhabjamanalpakanti vidyotayajjagadapurvashashanka bimbam. I am so unlettered that I am subject to ridicule by the wise.

Vaktram kva te sura naroraga netra hari nihshesha nirjita jagat tritayopamanam. Yat kokilah kila madhau madhuram virauti tachchamra charu kalika nikaraika-hetuh.

Kim vikshitena bhavata bhuviyena nanyah kashchinmano harati natha! Ocean limitless of passionless attributes Even Brahaspati is unable to pay tributes Which creature can swim the bhaktamra Disturbed by Dooms day violent motion. Chitram kimatra yadi te tridashanganabhir nitam managapi mano na vikara margam.

Nishpanna shalivana shalini jivaloke karyam kiyajjaladharairjalabhara namraih. Similarly numerous women give birth to sons but a remarkable son like you was born only to one mother; you are very special.

The infinite and eternal knowledge that you have, is not possessed by any other deity in this world. You are the ultimate patron of all the beings, so you are Shankar. It is good that I have seen other deities before seeing you. Shumbhat prava valaya bhuri vibha vibhoste lokatraya dyutimatam dyutimakshipanti.

The dissatisfaction even after seeing them has been removed by the glance of your detached and serene expression. Saddharmaraja jaya ghoshana ghoshakah san khe dundubhirdhvanati te yashasah pravadi.

Bhaktamar Stotra

Views Read Edit View history. A vessel caught in giant waves and surrounded by alligators, giant oceanic creatures, and dangerous fire, the devotee by chanting your name surmount such terrors and crosses the ocean. Sitting under the Ashoka tree, the aura of your sparkling body gleaming, you look as divinely splendid as the halo of the sun in dense clouds, penetrating the darkness with its rays.

Bhaktamara Stotra is recited by many with religious regularity. Manye varam Hari Haradaya eva drishta drishteshu yeshu hridayam tvayitoshameti. Bhaktamar Stotra of Acharya Manatunga.


The sun beams during the day and the moon bhxktamar the night, but your ever radiant face sweeps away the darkness of the universe. Bimbam kalanka malinam kva nishakarasya Yad vasare bhavati pandu palasha kalpam. Having once looked at your divine form, nothing else enthrals the eye.

It is no wonder that he who is engaged in praising your infinite virtues imbibing the virtues in his conduct attains your exhilarated position. Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana. O eanskrit of the unending cycle of rebirths! Failed to seduce Thee with her charm Celestial beauty could do no harm Mountain Meru is too steadfast Dooms day winds other mountains blast.

My desire to praise Thee is insolence Using various expressions sheer ignorance No wise man would catch the reflection Of moon in water, a childish action. Can even Brihaspati, the teacher of gods, with the help of his infinite wisdom, narrate your virtues spotless as the moonbeams? The verses of Bhaktamar are thought to possess magical properties tantra. Kuntagrabhinnagaja – shonitavarivahavegavatara – taranaturayodha – bhime yuddhe jayam vijitadurjayajeyapakshas -tvatpada pankajavanashrayino labhante.

Your divine grandeur is enchanting. I offer my respectful salutations at the feet of Bhagavan Adinath, the propagator of religion at the beginning of this era.