Wake_on_Modem. BIOS: Award PnP 2Mb Flash ROM BIOS Form Factor: ATX Board Size: mm x mm. Software & Utility: HWMON utility. Download and update your AOpen AX6BC motherboard BIOS – 2A69KABF to the latest version. hi guys das any one know were i can download a bios update for a aopen ax6bc that will work with xp only because i have looked on the net.

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I remember people laughing at me when I got AOpen over Abit for my a. Thu Jan 31, Wed Jan 30, 3: I tried the AOpen manual’s suggestion of holding down the Home key on startup, but got the same result.

AOpen AX6BC motherboard BIOS – 2A69KABF

Congrats I went from to just two weeks ago. Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor. If you haven’t understood what I’m talking about you might want to just buy a based MB and forget about it.


I’ll put pictures up on my web site in the next few days and post a link if anybody is interested. Nov 13, Posts: Especially since I also have a Duron for games Qx6bc to hear about your success!

I could wrestle with instability. Thanks in advance for any help!

GHz Celeron upgrade successes: Abit BM6 and AOpen AX6BC !!! – Ars Technica OpenForum

I decide on my choice. The cool thing about this solution is that you could upgrade to DDR when memory prices drop, and eventually upgrade to a high-end Athlon XP when they become bargain-bin.

The AX6BC is supported now!!! Then i hunt down drivers and BIOS patches for whatever issues come with the mobo out of the box. I’ve also heard that the v1.

LOL, if only they made them that small. That’s one awesome motherboard I’m not really sure. After installing this combination, the board will not POST. It extends below the slot1 socket and actually rests right on the motherboard chipset heatsink.


The I used some spare 44 bis cable I had laying around to jumper the resets, installed it back in the case, and booted.

Originally posted by Dokebi: I open my box, swap out the Cel, Plug in updats upgrade module, then weld my box shut Power up. Though as I’m running a Celeron at this time, I think that a Celeron 1. SmackDaddy, more Okies keepin’ it real! Over a month later, both upgrades are still running rock solid on a daily basis.

Los Angeles, CA Registered: Apr 22, Posts: The second much more difficult upgrade was my Abit BM6. Here’s the Intel Celeron info page Fri Xa6bc 04, 3: Eiki Ars Praefectus Registered: Tue Jan 08, 7: Wed Jan 16, 8: Jun 24, Posts: