Probably a native of the Tamil region, he was son of Padma-(or, Rudra) kumara, younger brother of Agnikumara and pupil of Aparajita. One Hara- datta, who. stotra related Sanskrit Documents in ITRANS script, available in various Indian language aparAjitAstotram trailokyavijayA | aparAjitA stotra | (meaningmeaning ) . dakArAdi shrI dattasahasranAmastotram | dakArAdi shrI datta sahasranAma . shrImahAgaNapati pa~nchakam by Dattareyanandanatha. .. Dainik Prarthana, look for aparAjitA stotra (p28), nR^ kavacha (p49), and other kavachas.

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Shodashi Tantra Shastra by Pt. The main objective is to generate baseline information using sight records and enable long-term monitoring of these species by encouraging citizen participation.

Hornbills and Himalayan forests | Whitley Award

Coercive, top-down conservation efforts may achieve goals snskrit the short-term, but often backfire over the longer term. This has 24 songs in six sargas. Gita Sara Gurvashtottara Satanamavali on page 20, among possible new additions. Vedic-reserve does not include: Aparajita Datta Scientist, Eastern Himalaya. We are in a biodiversity crisis. Translated Literature published in Bharatnudra Shifting to settled cultivation: Some of the short stotras are marked.

Translated Literature of Giridhar Sharma ‘Navaratna’ The collection is part of dvaita.

They are necessary, but ratta must try to understand better to what extent it is possible for wildlife to persist alongside local communities in our wild spaces, and be willing to experiment with alternate conservation models.


DLI’s mahakala samhita, guhyakali khanda. These are 70 short stories in Sanskrit elaborating a subhAShita each. There is more to Vemana padya not yet translated. Hornbills that reside in tropical forests of the Eastern Himalayas generally feed on insects and fig trees. Shifting Cultivation and Environmental Change: Sternbach was a French national of Polish origin: The text includes references to different texts when applicable with authors mentioned.

VishvakathAshatakam parts 1 and 2. For me, the real world of conservation is full of shades of grey. An expanded index is given in TextsElsewhere. And within a few minutes, it did. Poetic beauty of the Gitanjali in Sanskrit Translations Tiruppavai by Shri Andal translated in Sanskrit.

They are located on archive. The data is from the following publication:. Pandurang Vaman Kane’s monumental History of Dharmashastra-s vol. Yet, our national focus remains on Protected Areas as the only viable strongholds for wildlife.

His commentaries on Upanishads were published by the Adyar Library in 8 volumes. Translated Literature of Gauridatta Sarma Shastri These are digitized under Digital Library of India project.

These conflicts arise from different needs, world-views, approaches and interest groups. Need to identify new stotras not in the Devi collection. Nibandha Navanitam by Venkatakrishna B.


According the the following article, Maha Subhashita Sangraha is the work of team of scholars. Need to check against those already available.

Raghavan and published at Venkateshwara University, Tirupati. Aparajita is spreading knowledge of the needs of hornbills and their importance, as seed dispersers, in the maintenance of healthy forest ecosystems.

Nature Conservation Foundation

Each has many stotras and relevant information http: Modern Work Sanskeit Check for any duplication in Devi stotras. A Dutakavya Based on the Technical Excellence. From the book Shraddhapadhati. Contribution of Sri Rama prasanna Bhattacharya Copy 12 18 smritis. It seemd the bhagavannAma bhUShaNam composition is lost and is not available.

Sanskrit Documents List: Pending mainly for proofreading

It’s newer version with Hindi translation of about 26 of them is very useful. There is elaborate Sanskrit commentary.

Translated Literature of Durga Prasanna Bidyabhusan Srirama Desikan has also translated Thirukural from Tamil original in to Sanskrit. Shivayogadipika or pancharatna of SadashivayogiAnandashram Sanskrit Granthavali A scanned portion is available for proofreading at scanned Gargasamhita, Balarama sahasranAmastotra, Balarama stavarAja, kavacha, stotra, from archive.