61F-GPN2 AC from OMRON >> Specification: Liquid Level Controller, 61F- GP-N2 Series, Conductive, Vac, W, 80 ms. Find great deals for Omron 61F-GP-N2 Processor/Controller. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The 61F-GP-N2-AC is a Conductive Level Controller for automatic water supply and drainage control. Compact plug-in controller for single or two-point.

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If the screws are not tight, DIN rail ssocket sthe product and cable s may lead to come off.

Omron 61F-GP-N2 Processor/Controller | eBay

Used for sewage, sea water, etc. Make sure that the terminal cover is installed before using the product. Connect the short electrode to E1, the medium electrode to E2, and the long electrode to E3. When the required length of the electrode is 61f–gp-n2 than 1 m, omrob a separator at each joint of two electrodes so as to prevent the electrodes from contacting one another.

All units are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated. Usually, electrodes are used in a set of three: In this case the relay does not de-energize until the water level falls below the low-level probe.

O,ron style Flange Insulator material Phenol resin Max. This information by itself is not sufficient for a complete determination of the suitability of the Product in combination with the end product, machine, system, or other application or use. Any advice, recommendations or information given orally or in writing, are not to be construed as an amendment or addition to the above warranty.

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Make E3 at least 50 mm longer than E2. Data presented in Omron Company websites, catalogs and other materials is provided as a guide for the user in determining suitability and does not constitute a warranty.

Information presented by Omron Companies has been checked and is believed to be accurate; however, no responsibility is assumed for clerical, typographical or proofreading errors or omissions.

Easy-to-replace separate versions facilitate maintenance of electrodes. Spin a lock nut and a spring washer onto the electrode.

The water provides a current between the earth probe and the high-level 61f-gp-2. This is a temporal bone which had an implant electrode It is our practice to change part numbers when published ratings or features are changed, or when significant construction changes are made. Doing so causes malfunctions such as chattering, etc. Between electrode E2 and E3 Response time Operate: If this differential is not required, the low-level probe need not be connected.

Omron 61F-GP-N2 Processor/Controller

In sewage use, electrode holders must be installed 10 to 20 cm apart from one another. Precautions for Safe Use 1. Buyer shall take application responsibility in all cases. The diagram shows the connections for water supply. For two-point control a low-level probe onron used as well. Ideal for use in tanks where temperature or pressure inside the tank is high, e. Doing so may possibly result in electric omton. When using a noise filter, check the voltage and current and install it as close to the product as possible.


Omron Companies shall not 611f-gp-n2 liable for the suitability or unsuitability or the results from the use of Products in combination with any electrical or electronic components, circuits, system assemblies or any other materials or substances or environments. Between electrode E1 and E3 Release resistance Approx. Secure the connecting nut by tightening the lock nut and spring washer.

Limitation on Liability; Etc. Further, in no event shall liability of Omron Companies exceed the individual price of the Product on which liability is asserted.

If the sufficient interval cannot be provided, employ a low-sensitivity type Floatless Level 661f-gp-n2. The earth terminal must be grounded.

Ideal for soft drink vendors, etc. E1 Electrodes are in actual contact with the liquid.

Using the low-level probe allows a wide differential between switching a pump on and off, and can avoid excessive pump operation during tank emptying or filling. Iron is more reactive than copper. However, some specifications of the Product may be changed without any 611f-gp-n2. Doing so can reduce some effects of noise.